AWS Consulting and Managed Services

As a Certified AWS Partner, Perago Solutions is a consultancy that offers cloud migrations, system design, automation, remote administration, and deployment of applications on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure.

With decades of varied technology experience across disparate industries, our AWS engineers can help you bring your enterprise to the AWS Cloud or optimize your current AWS setup. As a Certified AWS Partner, Perago Solutions can help you with the following services:

  • Managed services -- automated or semi-automated management of your AWS infrastructure with continued oversight of your costs.
  • Migrate your existing infrastructure and systems seamlessly to AWS. With AWS Migrations we also help your business strategically audit the design and effectiveness of your technology platform. We've migrated over a dozen companies across disparate industries to AWS with a total revenue of ~ $1 billiion.
  • Design, implement, develop, and manage secure and cost effective AWS solutions that align with where your business is and where it's going.
  • Customized 24/7 monitoring of your applications and infrastructure, alerting you to problems, and enabling our experienced professionals or your own engineering team to quickly respond to emergencies. Perago Solutions has built monitoring solutions covering thousands of alerts across many industries.
  • Perform a comprehensive security audit of your AWS infrastructure.
  • Ensuring your applications have the resources to scale and rapibly handle unexpected growth -- let us help and plan your AWS DevOps.
  • Plan and implement disaster recovery for your infrastructure; archive and restore data to match your business needs.
  • Implement and manage spot instances using the SpotInst platform.
  • Provide technology focused management consulting as needed for the project or your business.

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