Perago  •  verb / per (“through”) + agō (“do, make”)
carry through to the end, complete; finish


Jan - managing partner

Jan has over 24 years of Information Technology related experience. Prior to founding Perago Solutions, Jan held numerous technology management positions in Wall Street and Silicon Valley based companies. As Perago Solutions founding partner, Jan successfully designed and implemented technology strategies that have led to drastic increases in operational efficiency and revenue for numerous organizations in disparate industries. In matters of due diligence, Jan has advised various venture capital and startup organizations providing infrastructure, growth strategy, and personnel assessments.

Jan holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University as well as a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from the Netherlands, Jan is fluent in Dutch and can often be found riding his bicycle.

David - partner

David has over 26 years of Software Engineering Technology experience. He has held many positions developing, architecting, delivering and leading software solutions from small startups to large enterprises. His passion is to deliver the highest available, scalable implementations allowing innovation to scale at a rapid pace. Additionally, he has deep experience delivering secure software amongst many verticals: Financial System (PCI), Healthcare System (PHI) and Secured Gov’t solutions (JWICs, SIPR, NIPR). Additionally, he has been a pioneer leading Lean, Agile development using continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps transformations within many organizations.

David holds a MIS Degree from Washington State University. In his spare time, he has a passion for skiing, biking and volunteering with local schools to teach students robotics.

Aaron - partner

Aaron has over 25 years of experience in software development, digital program management, and product design. Born in startups and raised in the enterprise, Aaron currently designs and manages applications and transactional systems for emerging startups and Fortune 500 businesses in healthcare, financial, technology and retail industries. Aaron has spent most of his career in global e-commerce and has launched major initiatives for Citi, Adidas, AnnTaylor, Gucci, Godiva, and numerous others. With deep expertise in program operations (CSM/PMP), business analysis and implementation strategy, Aaron also has a proven track record of building award-winning industry solutions, business processes and lean innovation teams.

Aaron is graduate of Columbia University and spends a considerable amount of time with drum machines, hiking trails, his Corgi-Rottweiler dog and an overly active espresso machine.

Issam - partner

Issam has over 15 years of varied technology experience as a systems and network engineer. A skilled team leader and project manager, Issam has a long history of lowering costs, improving efficiency, and introducing innovative technologies and solutions.

Most recently, Issam has held various technical and management level positions in the telecom industry. As a consultant, he has provided his technical expertise to ISPs worldwide, served as an IT manager overseeing software development teams, and has managed and planned the implementation of services in various cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer.

Issam holds Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in telecommunication from Yarmouk University of Jordan. He currently lives with his family in Istanbul and is deeply passionate about traveling and disovering all the world has to offer.