Current & Past Client Solutions

AuctionMethod LLC -- responsible for redesign, migration, and ongoing AWS managed services of the AuctionMethod SaaS auction infrastructure. Implemented comprehensive alert and performance monitoring system along with customized automatic failover and redundancy. Subsequent migration reduced operating costs 55% while providing another 60% of growth within the new AWS infrastructure. Current systems serve 35+ million page views per month over $1.3 billion in yearly commerce. The underlying AWS stacks utilizes VPC peering across three international regions, Application Load Balancing, Aurora MySQL clusters with externally facing readers, Lambda functions, Cloudwatch, EFS, SNS, SES, Route53, AWS Backup, Cloudfront, and S3.

SBM Corporation -- designed and built a multi-sourced, multi-tenant, role-based, secure enterprise datalake for SBM - a leading global facilities management corporation - in AWS. By utilizing Redshift, Database Migration Service, Secrets Manager, Key Management Service, Lambda, Cloudwatch and IAM we were able to connect real-time their critical JDE (Oracle) and Time (SQL Server) databases allowing for encryption, alerting and monitoring. The datalake will help consolidate all SBM datasources to build out many data warehouses/marts as necessary to enable the business to achieve a data analytics innovation and data operational reporting across the organization securely.

Leading eDiscovery Organization -- setup a 400+ node AWS Workspaces environment that enabled the eDiscovery consulting workforce to seamlessly and securely work from home at the beginning of the U.S. Covid lockdown in March, 2020. This infrastructure utilized AD connectors and multiple VPNs to support a DUO authentication proxy cluster that provided multi-factor authentication (MFA).

CLASSIFIED Defense Contractor -- migrated the entire VMWare based physical computational infrastructure of a U.S. Department of Defense contractor to the AWS GovCloud. This lift and shift re-design incorporated an AWS Direct Connect, Transit Gateway, Storage Gateway, and numerous VPN connections all wrapped in a DoD compliant security envelope. -- provided technology management consulting services; migrated the second largest flower delivery business in Mexico to Amazon Web Services; managed rebuild of ecommerce platform into Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Secure Trading, Inc. -- reduced operating costs 80% while increasing performance 50% migrating Secure Trading's U.S. based PCI compliant payment platform from two physical data centers into Amazon Web Services. Infrastructure migration included redesigning the system to handle near infinite scalability, greater redundancy, and movubg the application stack from AIX Unix to CentOS Linux; the database was moved from a physical Oracle RAC setup to AWS Oracle RDS with a Hardware Security Module (CloudHSM).

Seneca Technologies -- migrated the Seneca Technologies proprietary oil and gas analytics platform to AWS.

Telecommunications Service Provider -- provided management consulting and implementation services that changed the direction, design, and subsquent execution of a planned AWS migration. This TelCo services organization provides widely used backend services to all major mobile communication companies in America.