Perago  •  verb / per (“through”) + agō (“do, make”)
carry through to the end, complete; finish

Complete Technology Solutions

Perago Solutions provides objective and comprehensive assessments of your current Information Technology systems, people, and strategy.

Having a detailed understanding of your current IT infrastructure and technology management team is invaluable when determining short, medium, and long term technology risk factors. These risk factors can have drastic unforeseen influences on strategy, budget, and potential restructuring opportunities. An IT strategy that is inconsistent with the strategic goals of a business can be expensive and highly ineffective. Perago Solutions helps you build and execute an IT strategy that creates value so that you can deploy technology to optimize operations, security, and efficiency.

Our consultants help clients:

  • Take apart technology companies and put them back together securely and efficiently in the cloud
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your entire IT ecosystem
  • Perform comprehensive cyber security audits - we have extensive experience remediating myriad security breaches
  • Architect, implement, and manage DevOps across global cloud and dedicated computing platforms spanning thousands of nodes
  • Evaluate, develop, migrate, and implement cloud solutions in AWS, Softlayer, and other hosted solutions
  • Design comprehensive IT strategies and governance models that align with your business
  • Evaluate the IT costs, benefits, and risks of a Merger and Acquisition lifecycle
  • Accurately compare the benefits and tradeoffs of software and service offerings to assist in product selection
  • Conduct objective cost/performance analyses of on-site, co-sourced, and outsourced service delivery models of established and emerging companies and technology alliances
  • Implement lean approaches to managing the overall IT architecture and cloud / data center landscape
  • Migrate and design cloud hosted PCI / PHI / HIPAA compliant payment systems
  • Serve as expert technical witnesses in numerous forms of litgation