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Perago • verb / per (“through”) + agō (“do, make”) - latin - carry through to the end, complete; finish

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Our Services

Our consultants have audited and optimized 400+ Cloud environments and have directly managed & executed 40+ large scale Cloud migrations


  • Integrated Cloud Evaluation (ICE)
  • Security and cyber risk due diligence
  • Strategic technology identification & market research
  • Data governance due diligence


  • 100-day cloudification plan
  • Systems and process integration analysis
  • BPA / RPA assessement
  • Data and analytics roadmap


  • Technology cost reduction checklist
  • Customer segmentation, scoring, and churn analysis
  • RAMP- AA ML Platform (Rapid analytics and machine learning platform)
  • Strategic direction & oversight
  • Advanced analytics PMO support

Special Projects

  • AWS consulting & migrations
  • New technology adaption strategy
  • TCO analysis and improvement plan
  • Outsourcing analysis
  • Serve as expert witnesses in technology focused litigation

"An IT strategy that is inconsistent with the strategic goals of a business can be
expensive, risky and highly ineffective."

  • We help you build and execute an IT strategy to optimize operations, security, and efficiency.