Softlayer Consulting and Managed Services

Our consultants have been using IBM / Softlayer since before it was Softlayer. With nearly a decade of hands on implementation experience we can help you design and manage your Softlayer presence.

We have designed, migrated, and managed over a dozen companies in the Softlayer ecosystem across disparate industries using all manner of technologies. We also have extensive experience cross linking a Softlayer infrastructure with on-premise or other Cloud environments.

  • Develop, implement and manage secure and cost effective IBM Softlayer solutions.
  • Customized 24/7 monitoring of your applications and infrastructure, alerting you to problems, and enabling our experienced professionals or your own engineering team to quickly respond to emergencies.
  • Perform a comprehensive security audit of your IBM Softlayer infrastructure.
  • Plan and implement disaster recovery for your infrastructure; archive and restore data to match your business needs.
  • Provide technology focused management consulting as needed for the project or your business.
  • Network your Softlayer infrastructure into AWS, on premise, or other hybrid cloud ecosystems via Vyatta, Juniper, Cisco, or other gateway devices.